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Esthetics Treatment?
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What is Esthetics Treatment?

  • Teeth are very important for daily activities such as conversation, pronunciation, or eating food.
  • People who have problematic teeth can have difficulty with making laughs, pronunciation, psychological stress and even self-consciousness. American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry's research showed that over 90% of Americans believe that attractive smiles are social asset and unattractive and awkward smiles have negative influence on successful social relations. Thus demand for esthetic dental treatments are increasing exponentially.

Cases of Esthetics Treatment

  • pictures of the inner mouth before/after treatment
  • [before treatment]
    Unbalanced smile line with uneven height of the front teeth
  • [after treatment]
    the height and shape of the front teeth are balanced
  • pictures of a smile line before/after treatment
  • [before treatment]
    left canine is biting the lower lip, slanted smile line
  • [after treatment]
    the height of the teeth are even with smiling

Types of Esthetics Treatment

What is Laminate?

  • The least surface elimination of teeth and the most esthetic dental treatment
  • Tooth colored, artificial fingernail shaped thin laminate (ceramic slice) is attached on the surface of a tooth which is refined in advance. When there are spaces between the front teeth, teeth colors or shapes are problematic, there are cavities, this method is used.

The process of Laminate treatment

  • Side of a tooth before laminate treatment
  • Eliminate part of the tooth in treatment
  • Laminate to be attached is made
  • The Laminate is attached firmly

Advantages of Laminate

  • Short treatment time

  • Esthetically excellent and the color is stable

  • Less pain in treatment

  • Color and shape is close to the natural teeth

  • No change in gum color

The cases in need of Laminate treatment

  • There is space between the teeth

  • The teeth in attrition or abrasion

  • Discolored teeth

  • Fractured teeth

  • Bad shaped teeth

  • Teeth in need of immediate dental plastic treatment

What is Partial Laminate?

  • Partial Laminate is useful when the front teeth do not look good or there is some gap between the front teeth.

Advantages of Partial Laminate

  • No surface elimination of the teeth is needed

  • Less pain

  • Short treatment time with simple procedure

  • Enhance esthetics of the front teeth

What is All Ceramic?

  • The whole tooth is wrapped with tooth colored ceramic to form natural teeth line.
    A drastic and innovative treatment method that can change the whole teeth arrangement with 2~3 visits in 2 weeks. Natural artificial teeth can be made as 100% non metal material is used and esthetics is also excellent because no black line is formed on gum that can have light through the semi-transparent material.。

Comparison of All Ceramic with Laminate

  • Laminate (Ceramic veneers)
  • Artificial fingernail shaped thin ceramic slice (laminate) is attached on the surface of a tooth which is refined by eliminating 0.3~0.6mm of the surface in advance.

  • All Ceramic (Ceramic crown)
  • Tooth colored ceramic is only used to wrap the whole tooth and, compared to Laminate, additional 0.3~0.4mm of elimination is needed.

What is Resin?

  • Resin has a tooth like color and is one of dental materials. This is used to solve discomfort on appearance when damaged part of a tooth is not big or not easily visible. The treatment period and method vary depending on cavity size and location. When the front tooth are decayed or fractured by an accident, the treatment can be done on the day for esthetic purpose.

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