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Treatment of dental caries
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Dental enamel is the milk white semi-transparent and hard material that is covering the head part of a tooth and is protecting dentin. Decayed teeth (dental caries) are damaged dental enamel by acid formed when sugar and starch which remains in the mouth are decomposed by bacteria inhabit in the mouth.

Progression phase of dental caries

  • Dental caries is limited to the dental enamel (the surface of a tooth).

  • Hardly feel pains

  • Regular checkups and dental management
         can stop the progression of caries at
         this phase.

  • This can be treated with resin or sealant.

  • Dental caries is progressed to the bordering area of dental enamel and dentin.

  • Patients get sensitive to cold things
         and sweet taste.

  • Patients feel discomfort at hot things and
         pain with chewing food when caries is
         progressed seriously.

  • Patients feel discomfort at hot things and
         pain with chewing food when caries is
         progressed seriously.

  • Dental caries is progressed to dental pulp (pulpitis)

  • Patients feel pains at hot things but pains
         at cold things relieved.

  • Patients feel pains without any stimulus,
         which don’t go away with painkiller.

  • The area is covered with a crown
         (gold, porcelain) after nerve treatment.

  • Dental pulp death

  • There is no reaction to sensitivity test and
         severe pains are felt.

  • Lesion is seen at the tip of a tooth root on
         X-ray photographs in some cases.

  • The area is covered with a crown, or teeth
         extraction is needed in severe cases.

Advantages and disadvantages of each material for dental caries treatment

Advantages Disadvantages
Resin Esthetically excellent with the tooth color Less elimination of normal part of a teeth Less expensive compared to Gold The color can change as time goes. Cannot be used for big or deep cavities since the tooth aches or the material can breaks. The material is something like plastics which is not so durable and resin can wear down a lot with too strong biting force.
Gold Adaptability to natural teeth is the best. This is stable when damaged area is wide because the strength of the material can be balanced with that of natural teeth. There is no corrosion, no color change, and no toxicity with long time use. Somewhat expensive as the material is gold.
Amalgam Less expensive as some cost is covered by health insurance. Second caries can come early without thorough management. A lot of elimination of normal part of a tooth. Corrosion and color change are induced. Static electricity can be produced with contacting other metals.
Porcelain (Ceramic) Excellent esthetics with the tooth like color Ceramic material can be fractured with strong shock.

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