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Nerve treatment
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Nerve treatment

  • Nerves can die or cause pains when cavities progressed to nervous tissues inside of the teeth. Nerves have inflammation when they are damaged by gum diseases or injury. Nerve treatment (root treatment) is removal of infected nervous tissues and cleaning that area to block further bacterial invasion. Main purpose of nerve treatment is preserving the teeth so that they can function in their places and eliminating the pains or other symptoms by removing dental pulp only since recovering from damaged teeth extraction is not easy. This treatment is also called root treatment because the treatment is focused on removing the dental pulp at the teeth root area and putting some materials in that area.

Cases in need of nerve treatment

  • Cavities progressed to nervous tissues inside of the teeth

  • Cavity area is so deep that it is worried that nerves will be exposed if decayed
        area is removed.

  • The teeth are fractured or missing by injury.

  • The teeth are cracked.

  • Nerves are damaged by gum diseases.

Nerve treatment period

A series of treatment can be done with one visit in some cases, but 3~5 times of visits with 3-4days or a week interval are needed in general. More than 5 times of visit may be needed depending on anatomical structure of the teeth, difficulty of the procedures, and improvement of the symptoms.

Precautions of nerve treatment
  • When nerve treatment is done under anesthesia.

  • Anesthesia is gone in 2-6 hours and patients may feel pains for which painkillers from nearby drug stores will be helpful if the pains are intolerable.
  • Patients have to take care not to use the teeth which are under nerve treatment.

  • There can be inflammatory reaction at the teeth root tip during nerve treatment, which can cause sensitivity to external stimulus and pains. Also treatment process can be interrupted by contaminating the teeth root tubes by saliva or foreign substances when temporary fillers are broken or missing. Dentists adjust the height of the teeth so that the upper teeth and the lower teeth don’t meet each other at the beginning of the treatment to prevent such pains and to facilitate smooth recovery, but patients’ precautions will be helpful in the treatment.
  • Diet

  • As the cause of nerve treatment is inflammation which can be worse in the process of the treatment, drinking is not recommended. Hard or tough foods should be avoided of course.

Side effects/aftereffects

  • Acute symptoms together with severe pains can occur when inflammation is extended to the teeth tip during the treatment. Inflammation can be extended to the teeth tip during the treatment because all infected areas cannot be treated at one time in general. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to continue the treatment in those cases.

  • Sensation of the teeth undergone nerve treatment and that of healthy teeth may be different. This is temporary and will be gone in 2~4 weeks after the treatment.


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