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As dictionary definition of scaling means scraping out hard materials or taking out scales, scaling is a procedure to remove plaque from tooth surface.

The results of scaling

The teeth as well as the gum get healthy by mechanical removal of dental plaque, food sediments, and exogeneous pigment, and making the teeth surface smooth.

The period of scaling treatment

Scaling every 6 months is the most ideal, but 3 months interval for severe dental plaque and 12 months for well maintained oral status would be necessary.

Precautions after scaling

There is no special precaution after scaling, but stimulating foods need to be avoided. Immediate visiting is necessary in case of persistent bleeding after the scaling is completed. Don’t suck up the bleeding area but press the area with gauze. More detailed questions can be asked and answered through the “on-line counseling”.


I have pains after scaling. Isn’t this problematic?

This is normal for the first time scaling. When very old plaque which was on the teeth is removed, the plaque was on the very sensitive area, or patients are very sensitive, most pains or smarts will be relieved in 1-2 weeks. This pain shows that plaque is removed well from the teeth or the gum. So, don’ worry!

The gum is bleeding during the scaling. Is there any problem with the treatment?

There can be temporary bleeding when old plaque is detached. This is a signal that plaque is removed well and therefore don’t worry. However, when the bleeding persists over 2 hours, you should visit hospitals to get it treated.

Doesn’t scaling weaken the teeth or the gum by peeling the teeth surface off?

Vibrational energy is used to remove plaque. The plaque is removed using vibration together with water and therefore don’t worry about the teeth surface elimination.

It seems that scaling widen the space between teeth. Isn’t there any problem?

It is true that the space between teeth looks wider after scaling. The space was narrower before the scaling because of the plaque and inflammation. The space is normal for healthy teeth.

Do scaling whiten the teeth?

Scaling is different from dental bleaching. Scaling has a kind of whitening effect by removing plaque and other elements such as nicotine and exogeneous pigments.

How long does healing take?

It takes 30-60 minutes depending on plaque quantity or patient’s cooperation. Patients who are very sensitive to pains have the procedures under local anesthesia or large amount of plaque needs several times of procedures.

When do I have scaling?

Scaling is not recommended with the following conditions. When tooth mobility is severe, some actions to be ready for odontoptosis is necessary as tooth mobility can be more serious with the removal of plaque (which supports the tooth). People whose periodontal pocket is deep or gingival bleeding is excessive may need to take drugs to prepare bleeding or attach periodontal pack to stop bleeding. Gum incision for periodontal surgery is needed if plaque is severe at the area where the tooth root diverges or exudates are excessive. Bleeding can persist when removing plaque if patients have toxemia of pregnancy or systemic disease such as diabetes, hemophilia and venereal diseases.


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