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  • Healthy teeth and balanced face at New Face Dental hospital.
  • High Quality Service for a Special You – New Face Dental Hospital
  • Our hospital introduced Nobel Guide system for surgery to satisfy our patients' needs.
  • This system has a new technology of Nobelbiocare which is a Swedish leading company in implant procedures with innovative concept. This technology reduces implant treatment time and risks with perfect pre-op treatment planning using CT and computer base. Artificial teeth which are best suited to patients are manufactured through CT scans prior to surgery under Nobel Guide System. Patients who have no tooth don't need to wear temporary artificial teeth or dentures as the treatment is done in short time.

Characteristics of Nobel Guide

  • Compared to general implants, Nobel Guide implants have the following characteristics. However, when patients cannot open their mouth wide, alveolar bone transplant and implant placement are needed to be done simultaneously, and gum incision is necessary, oral pictures should be examined to see if there is surgery limitation.
  • Our hospital satisfies our patients' needs using Nobel Guide system.
  • The accuracy of surgery is enhanced through 3D CT scans and computer simulation.
  • Surgery time is reduced through perfect pre-op treatment planning.
  • Patients can have food on the surgery day with pre-manufactured prosthodontic appliances.
  • Pain and discomfort can be minimized through Flapless Surgery.
  • Damage to healthy gum is minimized.
  • You can have healthy teeth.

The process of Nobel Guide procedure

  • Pre-op examination
  • Nobel Guide pre-op examination takes about an hour
  • RADIO graphic guide making and CT scans (double scan )
  • Planning
  • 3D planning using Plocera software
  • Dental craft process
  • Model making with surgical template and temporary or final prosthodontic appliances making
  • Nobel guide Surgery

People who were not able to have implant procedure because of pains and mechanical noise now can have implant surgery while they are in comfortable sleep through conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation implant

Conscious sedation surgery is so comfortable that patients cannot remember what was going on during the surgery. People who were not able to have implant procedure because of pains and mechanical noise now can have implant surgery without any pain while they are in comfortable sleep through conscious sedation implant. Sleep is induced with intravenous drug to perform surgery.

Conscious sedation

An anesthesiologist is involved in the whole process of surgery for you. Most surgery use local anesthesia. When patients are not anesthetized with a lot of anesthetic, patients are suffering from long surgery, and patients got stressed from mechanical noise, they can take 1~2 hour surgery together with intravenous sedation therapy because they don’t remember most of the surgery and don’t feel any pain. However this sedation therapy should be administered by an experienced doctor. Sukyung Song, an anesthesiologist

Conscious sedation implant FAQ

I am afraid of pains during dental treatment.

Many people are so afraid of pains of dental treatment that they cannot have the treatment.

It is true that people feel pain which is not real from the treatment.

Also many people are so sensitive to mechanical noise that they got goose bumps. Most surgery use local anesthesia, but some patients are not fully anesthetized with a lot of anesthetic due to various personal neuroanatomical structures and reaction and some patients have difficulty with mouth opening for long operation.。

What treatments need conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is used for implant, teeth extraction, dental correction, and even for scaling.

Is conscious sedation safe?

Only verified therapy is administered by an anesthesiologist at New Face Dental Hospital. You don’t need to worry about conscious sedation during which the body conditions such as respiration and pulse are monitored. However, patients can go home 1~2 hour after the surgery if somebody is accompanied because bio rhythm is fully recovered 3 hours after the completion of the sedation. Our hospital is running a recovery room where patients can take enough rest before going home.

What treatments need conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is used for implant, teeth extraction, dental correction, and even for scaling.

  • Esthetic Implants

    Both health and beauty cannot be missed!

    Functional recovery is important after losing anterior teeth, but esthetic skill is required for beautiful smiles. Esthetic aspect such as the jaw bone shape, gum shape and color, and natural harmony between natural teeth and implant should be satisfactory.

  • Immediate Implants

    In general, implant placement should be done 2~3 months after the teeth extraction. However, implant placement right after the tooth extraction minimize discomfort as procedures are done with only one anesthesia and therefore reduce treatment period. Also this is good for esthetically important parts such as front teeth.

  • Full mouth implants

    When most teeth are missing but alveolar bones are not enough or narrow, fixed prosthodontic appliances are made in this type of treatment.

    fixed implant prosthodontic appliance

    A prosthodontic appliance is made with about 12 implants to be used like normal teeth.

    Denture type implant prosthodontic appliance

    A way more satisfactory denture is made with about 5 implants.

  • Implant reoperation

    Patients who are not satisfied with implant surgery in the past can renew the unsatisfactory teeth.
    Alveolar bones are melted down by bacterial multiplication if post-op care is not good enough and then implant results are not satisfactory. Patients are not esthetically satisfied and need reoperation after all. The placed implant is taken out to put a new implant. Thorough maintenance is necessary to make healthy and beautiful artificial teeth.


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