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Common knowledge of implant
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Implant is planting artificial teeth in the places where teeth are extracted. When teeth are missing or lost, implants are planted in the area and prosthetic appliances are mounted on the implants for dental function and esthetics. Titanium which is harmless to the human body is used for the implant material.

Implant material

Commercially Pure Titanium is commonly used for implant.
Titanium is light compared to other metals, can be strengthened through alloy or treatment process, and has characteristics suitable for the human body.
Implant made of titanium material has semi-permanent lifetime because titanium does not decay unlike natural teeth.

  • Implant does not damage natural teeth.

    As implants planted in extraction sites without extracting neighboring teeth take the biting pressure together with the neighboring teeth, the neighboring teeth's lifetime is increased.

  • Enhanced esthetics allows smooth social life.

    Since implant surgery and periodontal (gum) plastic surgery make gum shape natural and esthetically satisfactory appearance, social life gets smooth.

  • Increased biting efficiency

    Dentures' biting force is 5~20% of natural teeth’s, but implant's biting force is over 80% of natural teeth’s or sometimes better than natural teeth’s biting force because implant is firmly secured in alveolar bone.

  • The lifetime is semi-permanent

  • Esthetic Implants

    Satisfactory results are delivered by meeting all conditions at New Face Dental Hospital's implant center. Everyone wants his/her smile to look beautiful. Functional recovery is important but visible esthetic factor is more important in the case of implant placement after losing anterior teeth. Esthetic aspect such as jaw bone shape, gum shape and color, and natural harmony between natural teeth and implants should be satisfactory in addition to implant placement itself especially in the case of implant placement after losing anterior teeth.

  • Immediate Implants

    Implant placement is done to provide aritificial teeth when the teeth are lost by sudden accidents. An implant can be placed right after extracting a tooth on the day of unexpected accident to provide convenient and satisfactory results. Patients can save time with this type of implant.

  • Full mouth implants

    When most teeth are missing but alveolar bones are not enough or narrow, fixed prosthodontic appliances are made in this type of treatment.

    fixed implant prosthodontic appliance

    A prosthodontic appliance is made with about 12 implants to be used like normal teeth.

    Denture type implant prosthodontic appliance

    A denture which is way more satisfactory is made with about 5 implants.

  • Pre-op examination
  • Examination is for deciding the right places for implants. Oral status and radiographs are analyzed to see if implant placement is appropriate. Operational process proceeds after this analysis.
  • First operation
  • This process is for placing implants in the bones. The gum is minimally incised for implant placement and sutured after an implant is placed. Gum transplant or bone transplant is performed during the first operation if they are needed. First and second operations can be done at a time depending on the alveolar bone condition.
  • Second operation
  • This process is to expose implants which are in the gum to the inside of the mouth. The gum is opened slightly, a long cover is inserted, and the gum is to be cured with time.
  • Making and installation of prosthodontic appliances
  • Prosthodontic process consists of making molding of implants, the gum and neighboring teeth, and mounting the artificial teeth on the implants.

New Face Dental Hospital whose medical philosophy is being the lifetime doctor in charge of every patient provides thorough after care through long experience and the cooperative medical treatment system and the implant warranty policy is part of the after care.

  • Implant fixture

    Free of charge within 5 years from the implant surgery. 50% of the normal charge is paid by the clinic after 5 years from the implant surgery.

  • Prosthodontic appliance

    Free of charge within 5 years from the prosthodontic appliance installation. 50% of the normal charge is paid by the clinic after 5 years from the prosthodontic appliance installation.

  • Patients’ obligation

    - Taking a regular check up every 6 months (2 times a year)

    - Following the main doctor’s instructions

    - Contacting this hospital immediately when there are subjective symptoms such as pain, shaking, gum disease.

    - Fulfilling personal maintenance obligation of tooth brushing consistently and appropriately.

    - When patients are responsible (e.g. accidents and other artificial process), the clinic will charge.

    - The clinic is responsible to prove patients’ faults. The clinic is responsible to prove patients’ faults.

    ※ Please follow the regular check up schedule and instructions to get the benefit of the warranty.


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