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  • [Media reports] [Segye] 2014-11-05
  • Segye



    "Employment Plastic Sugery, Popular Orthognatic Surgery"


    Orthognatic surgery seems to be the new beauty trend in Korea, due to the impressive makeover of one of the Korean celebrities through the procedure.

    The number of people seeking orthognatic surgery with definite purpose (job, marriage, etc.) rather than dental problems is increasing.

    Ms. A, a university graduate, came to the clinic to change the way she looks in order to find a good job. She chose Dr. Hong Sunmin’s clinic due to his reputation as one of the best specialists in the country. She asked him, “Is it true that orthognatic surgery will make me look prettier?””

    Dr. Hong Sunmin says that patients are mainly concerned about whether the surgery will transform their appearances and look like celebrities.

    Dr. Hong recommended the surgery to Ms. A in order to correct her protrusion of the lower jaw and disproportional occlusion (bite).

    Orthognatic sugery, which sometimes is called bimaxillary surgery, is a procedure done on both upper and lower jaw. This surgery helps to achieve an ideal dental occlusion. It is a complex procedure which combines surgical and orthodontic treatment aimed to solve various jaw abnormalities such as bimaxillary protrusion, square jaw, long jaw, facial asymmetry, etc.

    By proceeding with the orthognatic surgery, Ms.A’s teeth were aligned and her facial structure looked more sophisticated and smooth. After the recovery period she was able to get employed at her dream job.

    Dr. Hong says, “Recently, not only do the celebrities seek the surgery, but also the general public. I feel proud when I see patients transform themselves and have a more natural, beautiful look”. After receiving her first paycheck, Ms.A sent Dr. Hong a small token of gratitude.

    Dr. Hong emphasizes, “Orthograntic surgery greatly effects patient’s life so it is crucial to fully understand the patient’s circumstances before and after the surgery”. 

    Dr. Hong Sunmin is a young, but already famous specialist who received his PhD degree in dental surgery from Seoul National University. Currently he is a professor at Hallym University and works as a dental surgeon.

    Since orthognatic surgery helps change the shape of the lower jaw, it is important for the specialist to have good esthetic sense. Some patients have a difficulty accepting their new look and may feel like there is no improvement.”

    In addition Dr. Hong warns, “You should understand that this procedure is highly risky, and that in some operations, patient’s condition may become worse, leading to a more crooked jaw, death of the jaw bone or tissue and blood vessel’s necrosis”.

    Lastly, Dr. Hong advises, “I want to recommend all my patients to make a cautious choice before deciding to undergo orthognatic surgery.”

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