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  • [Media reports] [HankookwowTV] Appropriate Dental Correction for 20s-40s Emp2014-11-05
  • 2012-06-22


    Appropriate Dental Correction for 20s-40s Employees


    Working as a sales associate, Mr. Kim (early 30s) feels reluctant to talk to customers. It is because he became more aware of his protruding tooth and gaps between teeth, which he wasn’t aware of in his 20s. After neglecting it for some time, the gaps between teeth became larger and the mouth looked empty when looking in to the mirror.

    However, he hesitated to start orthodontic dental correction due to its negative effect on his appearance.

    Recently, people like Mr. Kim are concerned about dental correction in their 30-40s. Usually they are worried about the esthetic impact of braces.

    Usually the recommended age for orthodontic treatment is 9-15 years old. If proceeded with at a later age, the process may be slower. Also, due to instability of the teeth after giving birth, the treatment must wait another 6 months.

    However, after proper diagnosis of the current state of one’s teeth, there are options where orthodontic treatment can take less time while having less impact on the outward appearance.

    Also, due to their esthetic superiority, Ceramic braces, lingual braces, invisalign transparent barces, etc. are available for adults and especially those that are concerned of the appearance during the treatment. Among these options, Clippy-C is a great option for employees and students due to their minimized pain and reduced number of visits to the dentist.

    Director of New Face Dental Hospital, Dr. Myung Ho Jung says, “Recently many workers seek dental correction. For adults, we usually recommend devices that are less noticeable such as Clippy-C, Transparent device, lingual device, etc. With 3D CT and thorough clinical examination system we can provide the patient with the optimal solution for dental correction with minimized pain and reduced number of visits to the dentist. Also, through the thorough examination, we can determine whether the patient can proceed with rapid dental correction or partial dental correction.”

    On the other hand, those who have aligned teeth but have gap between frontal teeth or cavity problems, dental esthetic treatment may be the best solution.

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