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  • [Media reports] [InternetHankookIlbo] The Number of Patients Who Seek Cosmet2014-11-05
  • 2012-06-11


    The number of patients who seek cosmetic dentistry goes up during the summer vacation


    Mr. K, ulzzang (Korean slang for handsome/beautiful) who runs a shopping mall business and works as a model, was asked many times why he never smiles in the images. Instead of paying attention to the new products customers pay attention to his unfriendly facial expression, saying, “He has a handsome but cold and emotionless face”.

    The truth is that Mr. K has irregular frontal teeth. Due to his small and crooked teeth he was reluctant to smile and always looked cold and arrogant.

    Finally he decided to get cosmetic dentistry treatment to prevent any damage on his promising business.

    Cosmetic dentistry aims to create an ideal smile with an insignificant reduction of the teeth for dental alignment, discoloration, shape and transparency.

    Cosmetic dentistry offers two types of treatment depending on your teeth condition: laminates (veneers) and all ceramic. Laminate procedure slightly reduces the surface of the tooth replacing the area by attaching a thin laminate (ceramic slice). All ceramic is used for severely misaligned teeth and requires reducing a bigger part of the tooth to cover the entire tooth with ceramic prosthesis.

    Ms. K who recently got interested in cosmetic dentistry was very surprised with the simplicity and convenience of the procedure. Originally she planned to use her vacation period to get her treatment done, but realized it was not necessary.

    Cosmetic dentistry, compared to long-term orthodontic treatment, requires two visits from the patient allowing the treatment to complete within one week.  One-day cosmetic dentistry program was established due to the introduction of the CEREC system, which allows finalizing the treatment in 1-2 days, which is great news for people like Ms. K.

    Now if you want to get rid of your complex you don’t need to waste your vacation time. Patients who choose One-day cosmetic dentistry program can spend their vacation time making beautiful memories by travelling and taking bright smiley pictures.

    Many singers and celebrities or models like Mr. K consider cosmetic dentistry due to their importance of facial expression.

    This program is the best, fast solution to improve appearance of the patients who lost their confidence because of prominent or spaced frontal teeth. In case one has problems such as crowded or misaligned teeth, it is important to fix it as fast as possible since the condition worsens with time.

    Director of New Face Dental Hospital, Dr. Myung Ho Jung says, “Cosmetic dentistry is often called the celebrity Orthodontics due to their short treatment period. The advantage of this program is that it doesn’t consume a lot of time. However, one has to understand that since the tooth is significantly reduced after the procedure there may be side effects so it is important to look for an experienced specialist who can guarantee safety and good results.” reporter Young Sun, Kim

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