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  • [Media reports] [Economyview] New Face Dental Hospital Introduced in July 202014-11-05

  • New Face Dental Hospital Introduced in July 2014 Economyview Magazine!


    Bringing Korea’s High Quality Dental Service to the Global Patients


    Lately, many people seek out dental treatments such as orthodontics, laminate, odontoplasty, and dental bleaching for esthetic purposes. Also, having the best esthetic effect, implant treatment exponentially gained its popularity. After allowing health insurance coverage for implants to 75+ year old patients on July 1 this year, the number for implant treatments done is expected to grow even higher. However, unless done by a reliable dentist, esthetic treatments can look unnatural. Also, implants require advanced dental techniques, so the patient must seek a trustworthy care provider. Satisfying both these categories and delivering excellent patient satisfaction, we have met Myung Ho Jung, Director of New Face Dental Hospital to hear his opinions on dental service.

    New Face Dental Hospital opened in 2011 with the philosophy based on “beauty, health, safety, research, and outcome.” As this dental hospital was the first to gain 2 million kakaotalk plus friends, it is no doubt that they are in the forefront of esthetic dental procedures. “Initially, due to high expectations for esthetic dental procedures, and my interest in that field, we had many young female patients. However, as the hospital gained its popularity, we have developed a collaborative system of various dental departments to provide a range of treatments for our patients young and elderly.”

    As a level 2 dental hospital, New Face Dental hospital has a large and sophisticated facility. It is divided into two floors; 4th floor focuses on orthodontics and 5th floor focuses on implant and cosmetic treatments. With a modern interior, they value the privacy for each patient by sectioning the treatment areas. The medical team consists of dental professionals in orthodontics, periodontics, preservation, prosthetics, etc. It is eye-catching that all of the doctors are at the peak of their medical careers.

    Dr. Jung strived to reduce fears against dental treatments for patients. First the interior of the hospital was especially designed to eliminate any hospital-like environment. He greatly invested in eliminating the odor, which is one of the main causes for stimulating fear. In addition, in order to provide comfort for the patients, he focused particularly on staff training. “Despite our efforts, there are patients who still have dental fears. Thus, we adopted the sleep procedure, so that the patients will not miss the chance to prevent dental damage.”


    Increased precision with High Tech Devices


    With consistent upgrades of their equipments, New Face Dental Hospital aims to provide the optimum treatment for patients. Amongst those devices is 3D CT, which provides a thorough scan of the skull and a 3D simulation, increasing the precision of the examination. “We need to be very detailed because once we eliminate a part of the tooth, there is no turning back. We have a dental technician stationed at all times to monitor the change in our patient’s teeth. Our role is to provide information and treatment options for the patient to make the final decision.”

    Through such efforts, New Face Dental Hospital developed “1 DAY Odontoplasty” program. They have adopted a computer system that scans and manufactures prosthetics, reducing the amount of time required for modeling the ceramic teeth. This offers a fast and safe treatment option for this fast-paced society and, of course, for patients visiting from abroad. On the other hand, orthodontics unfortunately takes a longer time due to its treatment process. After a thorough examination, an orthodontist consults the patient regarding the treatment plan. Depending on the patient’s needs, a collaboration of each department holds a meeting to provide the best treatment plan for the patient. “After completing the procedure, I always tell my patients, ‘this is the beginning,’ due to the importance of maintenance of the treated area, That is why we have an auto-recall system to remind our patients for regular check-ups within 1, 3, 6 months’ time.”  For thorough infection control, they use disposable tools and have added 3 sterilizers for complete elimination of any source of infection.


    Undertake the responsibility of a health care provider in third world nations


    As a registered facilitator for international patients, New Face Dental Hospital progressed with providing dental service on a global scale. Not only does this allows many patients to get in touch with Korean dental service, but also contributes to economic development of South Korea. Especially, due to the high demand for Korean medical service by Chinese patients, the number of medical tourists from China has greatly increased. By providing Chinese translation coordinators, New Face Dental Hospital aims to supply global patients with outstanding Korean dental service. “China and Korea has a large difference in techniques of medical treatments. Within 10 years, we are estimating that number of Chinese patients will be greater than that of domestic patients. That is why we are also planning to make a branch in China.”

    Valuing the trust and loyalty of foreign patients, New Face Dental Hospital is known for investing plentiful time for consultations. Director Myung Ho Jung realized that patients get upset when doctors don’t hear out the patient’s stories entirely, which then leads to high patient dissatisfaction. Through constant doctor to patient interaction throughout the procedure, the satisfaction rate has greatly increased throughout the years. “I am very happy and proud to be a dentist. Personally, I hope to sustain good health in order to provide life-long dental treatments for our patients.”

    Dr. Jung hopes to provide free medical service for suffering underprivileged countries, especially in the third world nations. As he has raised the standard for Korean esthetic treatments and provided superior smiles for the patients, we support him to be the forefront in advancing Korean medical service to the global community.

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