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  • [Media reports] [Hankyung Business Magazine] Present for Parents Who are Una2014-11-05
  • 2014-09-05


    Present for Parents Who are Unable to Enjoy Food at Chuseok, 'IMPLANT'


    Mr. Mingi Kim (34y/o, freelance) who lives in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, is more than excited about the coming Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). While spending chuseok with his parents, Mr. Kim was upset that his mother, Mrs. YoungJa Park (63y/o), had difficulty eating delicious food due to her damaged teeth. So before this coming holiday, he took his mother to the dental hospital to get implant placement. “Every holiday I was troubled when seeing her struggle, but this time it will be different!” He says excitedly.

    Korea’s greatest holiday Chuseok is approaching. It is true that since it is an early Chuseok in 38 years, everyone is looking forward to this year especially. No doubt the best part of Chuseok is families coming together to enjoy excellent food and laughter.

    However, some cannot enjoy these delicacies. People with weak, damaged teeth (mainly for the elderly), have a hard time eating sticky, hard food such as rice cake or meat jerky. In addition, since most dentists are closed during the holiday some have to endure the pain. It is advisable to make sure our parents’ teeth are health and strong beforehand.

    Before, it was accepted that as we grow old, our teeth fail and fall out. However, the pain and psychological affect that comes with teeth loss is unimaginable. This can cause physical problems such as indigestion, mispronunciation, cavities, gingivitis, etc.

    Despite such complications, many have delayed receiving implant treatments due to negative perceptions. However, during the recent years, implants have gained is popularity and is now being used even for mid, elderly patients.

    Implants look similar to our natural teeth and with its high technicality, it can last a life a time. Before implants were first manufactured, dentists used dentures to recover loss of teeth, which required procedures on nearby teeth. On the other hand, implants can individually function as teeth without affecting other tissues around the damaged area.

    Due to its high medical technique, it is important to find a dentist that has proven to have much experience in this area. With that being said, New Face Dental Hospital, with its years of experience in implant placement, developed a “Conscious Sedation Method,” which enables elderly patients to receive the procedure comfortably. This method helps the patient to receive treatment while feeling drowsy. Sometimes it is called “Sleep Sedation Method” because the patient doesn’t remember the procedure, but “Conscious Sedation Method” is a more accurate description.

    After the implant placement, one must take good care of the area. That is why New Face Dental Hospital provides a 1:1 management system for each implant patient along with implant guarantee and oral examination for optimal treatment process.

    Director of the hospital, Dr. MyungHo Jung says “Although the implant surgery may be successful it is crucial to have equal level of management. The patient must have regular scaling to remove plaque built-up and schedule an oral examination at least once within 6 month period.”

    Lastly, “As proper examination of the condition of the teeth and bone is a crucial step of implant placement, it is important to receive proper diagnosis from a professional dentist regarding the implant procedure.


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