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Dental protrusion correction
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Self-diagnosis of dental (mouth) protrusion

  • The standard of beauty depends on time and culture, but the standard of a beauty from dental clinic’s view is that the lower lip should be 0-2mm behind from the esthetic line from the nose tip to the chin tip and the angle of the nose tip and the upper lip is 100~120 degrees.

    The face gets more beautiful as the teeth and gum move inward together and an additional effect is that jaw line gets thinner to the patient’s satisfaction.

Self-diagnosis of dental (mouth) protrusion

Please check the boxes indicating your case and click the button (See the results).

  • 5~19points possibility of mild mouth protrusion
  • 20~40points possibility of moderate mouth protrusion
  • over 40 points mild mouth protrusion for sure
  • Teeth behind canines are visible through the open mouth. (2 points
  • The jaw looks small. (3 points
  • The nose doesn't look high even after nose plastic surgery. (4 points)
  • Facial appearance is not improved even after facial contouring surgery.(4 points)
  • Less confident in side face and mouth area taken in pictures look awkward. (4 points)
  • There is no deep-set part between the lower lip and the jaw. It is flat or somewhat bulging.(6 points
  • Gums are exposed when making laughs. (10 points)
  • The mouth touches the line between the nose tip and the chin tip.(15 points)
  • The mouth tends to open if you close it consciously. Walnut-shaped wrinkles are formed on your chin tip when you close your mouth consciously.
         (15 points)
  • If the protrusion is mild, getting the whole set of teeth backwards without teeth extraction, or even when teeth extraction is needed, getting both front teeth and molars moved forward together rather than getting all the front teeth moved backward to fill the extracted space is more important for the mouth not to look too flat.
    When western women's faces which look curved inwardly is desired, getting all the front teeth moved to fill the extracted space is possible.
  • Many people can be categorized into this type and the extent the front teeth move backward is decided through close examination of the protrusion and lip thickness consideration. In general, Asian faces look natural when the upper lips are 2 mm behind the esthetic line and the lower lips are touching the line, and therefore making the teeth movement length based on the esthetic line can satisfy customers more.
  • Since, in general, this type is accompanied by short chin and the protrusion looks severe, vertical treatment where chin tip is rotated forward together with normal treatment produces good esthetic effect.
  • Many Koreans whose lower jaw is generally big have both protruding mouth and jaw. Some men like this appearance as this looks intelligent, but most women don't like this appearance since its strong image. Getting the lower jaw rotated both backward and downward can make jaw line thinner and therefore create soft image.
  • Gum protrusion correction is the most difficult treatment in mouth protrusion corrections. The characteristic of gum protrusion is that gums protrude without protruding front teeth and therefore gum protrusion cannot be identified by teeth photographs alone but it can be identified together with the outer shape of protruding mouth.
  • The correction can be effective only with vertical treatment and forward-backward adjustment of the teeth line.

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