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What is Clear Aligner?

  • Clear Aligner uses moldings made of transparent resin (general plastic) to correct the teeth line. This method is more convenient because the appliances are removable and are made of plastic material unlike other methods attaching metal appliances to the teeth. Treatment duration is about a year and the visit interval is 2~8 weeks.

    The teeth don’t move gradually during the treatment period. In other words, the teeth movement is not linear and sequential not following defined rules or principles and the movement. So, appliances are changed periodically as the treatment proceeds.

    Correction which is teeth movement needs necessary force to move the teeth and this orthodontic force comes from the materials used in the appliances, biting force, aids (e.g. rubbers between the upper and lower jaws, connected to buttons on transparent plastic molding).


  • General Clear Aligner: Moldings are made periodically in the correction process.
                    The teeth movement volume is calculated in advance to make orthodontic appliances. So, appliance wearing gives tightening sensation.

  • General Clear Aligner is implemented mostly while several different appliances are made based one molding by calculating the estimated movement
                    volume with a computer in invisalign transparent orthodontic treatment (Another molding is made depending on treatment process).


Necessary dental treatment is recommended because the teeth should not be transformed during the treatment.

Treatment process

  • Photographs and radiographs of the teeth are taken.

  • Treatment plans after the examination are established and moldings of the teeth are made.

  • Dentists establish and confirm treatment plans based on the data from CT scans made based on the molded model and teeth movement at each stage
                    simulated through computer design software at the invisalign main office (whose role is similar to that of dental lab). The treatment is done with one
                    molding because the teeth movement can be verified through videos.

  • Teeth models in which teeth positions are different for each stage are made based on the confirmed treatment plan.

  • Several transparent orthodontic appliances for each stage is made and each appliance should be changed with new one.

Required treatment time

About 12 months. Treatment takes about a year, but can vary depending on cases.

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