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Clippy-C Correction
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  • Decreased pain from correction treatment.

    The pain is less than that of other appliances since the orthodontic force on the teeth is less but more consistent.

  • Suitable for workers and students thanks to less clinic visits.

    Patients visit the clinic less frequently since less friction between the bracket and wires allows milder but longer orthodontic force on the teeth.
                    (Visit interval was 3~4 weeks previously, but now it's 6~8 weeks)

  • Decreased in-clinic treatment time.

    In-clinic treatment time is decreased because no ligation (attaching wires to appliances) is needed.

  • Decreased correction period.

    Correction period is decreased because of more effective orthodontic force thanks to decreased friction of Clippy-C compared to
                    other appliances whose friction force caused by wire and rubber ring makes orthodontic force less effective.

  • Much less oral scratches

    There is no scratch by wires inside of the mouth since no wire is needed to connect the appliance.

  • Convenient oral care

    Oral care is convenient and possibility of cavity development is low because food pieces are not easily stuck thanks to the smaller size of the appliance.

  • Excellent esthetics

    Excellent esthetics with the smaller ceramic orthodontic appliance.

Examples of Clippy-C orthodontic treatment.


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