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  • Customers’ most curious questions and answers are here.

I want to have dental correction. Is it painful?

Dental correction is rarely painful unlike other dental treatment.
However, oral mucosa may sense stimulation from orthodontic appliance or you can feel irritation caused by foreign substances and may feel some pain once the teeth begin to move by force from the appliance, but will be mild enough for you to endure.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost depends on whether the treatment uses fixed appliances attached to teeth or removable appliances or appliances adjusting jaw growth.
Also the cost for fixed appliances varies depending on whether the appliance is metal or teeth color or whether the appliances are attached inner side of the teeth.

Can I receive partial dental correction? My upper teeth look uneven.

In many cases, both upper and lower teeth are not aligned properly even though only some teeth look uneven to ordinary people and both upper and lower teeth should be treated for proper occlusion.
Partial correction is possible when some teeth slanted toward spaces where other teeth are extracted or only several teeth are to be moved because of decayed or fractured teeth.

Can adults get dental correction?

Yes, of course.
Compared to adolescents, the teeth movement of adults is slow and growth cannot be controlled but their cooperation in treatment make the treatment time comparable to that of younger people.
Also simple choice for treatment due to completed growth is the advantage.
So, there is no limitation by age.

Does dental correction enhance appearance?

Dental correction is a kind of plastic surgery for upper and lower jaw area which accounts for a half of our face.
In the case of mouth protrusion due to protruding teeth, appearance can be enhanced only with dental correction.
In the cases of protruding chin or short chin, twisted jaw, exposed gum on making laughter, and congenital deformity, dental correction together with jaw correction can enhance appearance effectively.

Is teeth extraction necessary? Is there any problem of tooth extraction?

For example, when the teeth are uneven severely, the teeth and mouth are protruding, or the size difference between upper jaw and lower jaw is big, teeth extraction may be necessary.
In this case, premolar tooth is extracted and the extracted space will be completely gone when treatment is done.
In some cases, tooth extraction is helpful for teeth alignment which may enhance neighboring oral tissue health.


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