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We can lose our smile and self-confidence because of severely twisted teeth, malocclusion, and snaggleteeth, but we can get correct the twisted teeth, malocclusion, and snaggleteeth through orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is an orthodontic method that uses invisible transparent appliance which can be put on and taken off.

  • Invisalign is an orthodontic method that uses invisible transparent appliance which can be put on and taken off.

  • Making gums healthy.

    Clinical researches showed that dental correction by Invisalign improved gum
                    health. Properly corrected teeth help gums to tightly shield the teeth which
                    improves periodontal health. Also cavities and periodontal diseases can be
                    prevented since teeth brushing and dental
                    flossing is possible in dental correction with Invisalign.

  • Easy washing.

    No food is stuck and no plaque is formed since Invisalign uses no metal band or
                    wire. Good oral health programs reduce the possibility of plaque, cavities, and
                    periodontal diseases.

  • Enhanced chewing ability and pronunciation.

    Some people can have difficulty with pronunciation and deteriorate chewing
                    ability when the teeth or jaw is not in the right position. This problem can be
                    solved when occlusion is right through dental correction.

  • Visiting an invisalign certified clinic.

    A doctor in charge examine the oral status and discuss treatment plan with you. A plaster cast of the teeth is made to be sent to the invisalign
                    main office. Click here to find neighboring invisalign certified dental clinics now. New Face Dental Hospital is certified for invisalign.

  • Invisalign transparent correction appliance (aligner) is made.

    Personalized orthodontic appliances for the whole process of treatment is made at the invisalign main office in U.S.A. using 3D computer imaging
                    technology based on the patient's teeth model sent by a certified dental clinic.

  • Your invisaline orthodontic appliances are delivered to you in several weeks.

    You can have your first set of orthodontic appliances at the second visit to the clinic.
                    You may receive several more sets of orthodontic appliances before the next visit depending on the situation.

  • Wearing of orthodontic appliances.

    A set of orthodontic appliances is changed every 2 weeks. The set can be temporarily
                    removed to have food or brush the teeth.The orthodontic treatment is completed in about a year in average
                    and patients need to visit the clinic to get the orthodontic treatment process checked periodically.

  • Orthodontic treatment is done!

    When you completely have worn all the invisalign transparent orthodontic appliances,
                    the orthodontic treatment is over and you will have aligned teeth and beautiful smiles that you have wanted
                    very much.

Invisalign Metal orthodontic appliance Lingual orthodontic appliance
Dental correction method Dental correction using transparent and removable plastic molding without wire or metal orthodontic appliances. Metal wire and orthodontic appliances are attached on the outer side of the teeth to apply force for dental correction. Orthodontic appliances are attached on the inner side of the teeth to apply force for dental correction.
Transparency of the appliance Invisible Visible Invisible externally
Removability removable unremovable unremovable
comfortability comfortable uncomfortable very uncomfortable
Teeth brushing during treatment possible possible impossible

    Protruding teeth



    Uneven teeth



    Spaced teeth


  • Deep over bite

    The condition in which the lower front teeth is bitten too deep by the upper teeth

  • Crossbite

    The condition in which the lower teeth is more protruding than the upper teeth


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