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Common Knowledge on Orthodontics
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Dental correction focuses not only on recovering normal dental function through aligning the teeth to make the upper and lower teeth meet properly but also on enhancing appearance through making the whole face balanced. The purpose of dental correction is making healthy oral structure for normal function and beautiful face by correcting various disharmonious factors which may occur in the process of growth.

You can generally get beautiful and healthy teeth back through teeth correction in the following cases.

    • There are gaps between the teeth
    • The mouth looks protruding due to teeth protrusion
    • The teeth are not aligned properly due to a snaggletooth, etc
    • The upper and lower molars meet each other but the front teeth don't
    • The molars meet inversely
    • There are some missing teeth
    • Difficulty with chewing
    • Inaccurate pronunciation
    • Protruding chin or short chin
    • Twisted lower jaw
    • The front upper and lower teeth meet inversely
    • The teeth look less chic due to one or more factors listed above

Timing for dental correction

  • You can get the most satisfactory results from the orthodontics center at New Face Dental Hospital which will meet all conditions.
  • The timing for dental correction is different depending on the type and cause of malocclusion and there are personal differences. Protruding chin or short chin due to abnormal upper or lower jaw needs to be addressed earlier than other cases, and skeletal issues such as facial asymmetry require early correction.

    When there is not enough space for a permanent teeth because a baby tooth (milk tooth) got out early for some reasons like decayed tooth, skeletal disharmony occurred from some habits like finger-sucking or tongue-thrusting, lower front teeth are not fully engaged, or severely protruding front teeth bite the lower lip, taking early consultation for correction is advised.

    If there is no skeletal issue, the most ideal timing to begin orthodontic treatment is when all the baby teeth are replaced with permanent teeth.

    Even though there are some personal differences, having consultation for correction from orthodontic specialist at the age of 12~13 is advised because permanent dentition is completed around at this age. This is also advantageous because orthodontic treatment before adolescence can solve appearance complex and therefore give psychological stability.

    Orthodontic treatment is possible for adults who missed that when they are young. Recently, adults taking orthodontic treatment are increasing as rarely visible orthodontic appliances are developed.

临床检查及收集诊断资料 -  分析资料及诊断 -  咨询 -  治疗过程 -  治疗结束  -  治疗后的保持

  • Clinical examination and diagnostic information collection
  • Clinical examination and interviews for patients who visited the clinic regarding the teeth and facial factors are implemented by an orthodontist. If orthodontic treatment is needed, in-depth medical examination for diagnosis is taken. X-ray photographs, pictures, and plaster casts are taken for information collection.
  • Data analysis and diagnosis
  • An orthodondist makes an accurate diagnosis based on various diagnostic materials and questionnaires and establishes the most appropriate treatment plan accordingly.
  • Consultation
  • After dental and facial issues of the patient, the diagnostic results, and treatment plans are explained and checked by an orthodondist, the patient and his/her guardian, whether the treatment plan will be implemented or not is decided.
  • Treatment Process
  • The treatment begins when orthodontic appliances are mounted based on the treatment plan. Appliance mounting takes about an hour and is done 2~3 times depending on the patient’s and the clinic's schedule. Once appliances are placed, except for checking-period, patients visit the clinic every 3~4 weeks to have treatment which takes 10~20 minutes.
  • Treatment completion
  • Orthodontic appliances are removed when treatment results are satisfactory to both orthodondists and patients. Removing takes about an hour. Data are collected to compare before and after, and maintenance appliances are placed right after orthodontic appliance removal.
  • After Care
  • Maintenance appliances called retainer should be worn for minimum 3 months to over a year depending on treatment duration and degrees of malocclusion. However, this is more convenient because the appliances are simple and can be taken out and put on easily.
    This appliance should be worn all day long at first, but orthodondists may decide to shorten the wearing hours. The first visit is a month after the appliance removal and then the visit interval will be lengthened afterwards (e.g. 3 months, 6 months).
  • Metal orthodontic appliance

    This is the most used, the most efficient and accurate material, and inexpensive. This is generally used in children or other people who are not sensitive to their appearance because this appliance is exposed to others and therefore does not look good.

  • Ceramic orthodontic appliance

    The bracket is made of ceramic material which is transparent close to tooth color to make up for esthetic issue. This appliance is less irritant than lingual one, has precise finishing and excellent efficiency, and costs less.

  • Lingual orthodontic appliance

    This appliance is attached inner side of teeth so that invisible to others.

  • Clippy-C orthodontic appliance

    Clippy-C is self-ligating system that has ceramic bracket with a lid. Transparent material used in this type has esthetic merit, cap-type lid makes treatment easy and therefore relieves pain, and decreased friction makes teeth movement smooth.

  • Incognito orthodontic appliance

    Incognito is a customized lingual orthodontic appliance to accommodate a patient's personal needs using CAD-CAM (ultra-precise computer system) unlike other lingual orthodontic appliances. Patients hardly feel foreign substance because this appliance is small compared to other lingual orthodontic appliances and can accurately pronounce thanks to excellent wearing sensation. Especially, this appliance is made of gold which is friendly to a human body and precise finishing improves the treatment results.

  • 1. Patients may feel stiff and a piercing pain for the first 2~3 days of appliance wearing
  • 2. This feeling is from the teeth movement to right position
  • 3. Please avoid sticky or hard food (chewing gum, taffy, caramel) which can make appliances detached.
        Try not to bite or cut off foods with front teeth but instead use molar teeth to chew small pieces of food
  • 4. Pieces of foods are easily stuck between the appliance and the teeth.
        Please remove them using a toothbrush for oral hygiene after having some food
  • 5. When wire tip of the appliance causes some pain or the appliance falls off,
        please visit the clinic with the separated appliance
  • 6. Patients should visit on the schedule to get satisfaction quickly from orthodontic treatment.
        Please let us know by phone in advance in case you cannot visit on the schedule for inevitable matters


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