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Lingual orthodontics
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What is lingual orthodontics?

  • To correct uneven teeth line, orthodontic appliances are attached on the inner side of the teeth in lingual orthodontics unlike other methods. Orthodontic appliances are worn several years and easily visible to others since these are attached outer side of teeth in existing general orthodontic treatment methods. Transparent plastic or ceramic material was tried to solve this issue, but the appliance itself is still exposed to others. Because of this esthetic factor, some people hesitated to have orthodontic treatment or some patients are discouraged when they get stressed once the treatment began.
  • Healthy teeth without other’s noticing~ !
  • Lingual orthodontic method which developed to solve these problems makes teeth line correction possible without exposing appliances to others and used by many orthodontists in the world. Working adults like flight attendants and athletes whose jobs need social interaction can have this type of correction without psychological burden. Discomfort at the cheek and tongue is decreased thanks to the appliances attached on the inner side. Pronunciation may be incorrect at first, but it will get normal soon. This method requires skills, orthodontic knowledge, experience and know-how like other corrections. Doctors who are specialized and experienced in lingual orthodontics can deliver safe and successful treatment.

Advantages of lingual orthodontic treatment

舌侧矫正的 优点
  • Correction is done without other's noticing because the appliances are invisible to them.

  • Patients can feel discomfort a little but it's adaptable in 1~2 weeks.

  • There is no psychological issue coming from worrying about others' attention.

  • People whose appearance is important for their jobs can have dental correction without psychological burden

Who are in need of lingual orthodontic treatment?

Comparison of lingual orthodontic treatment with general orthodontic treatments.

  • Esthetics

    Patients can have dental correction without worrying about social disharmony because lingual brackets are attached on
                       the inner side which is invisible to others.

  • Adaptability

    Patients may feel discomfort a little at first since lingual brackets are attached on the inner side of the teeth, but they can
                       adapt themselves to the feeling in about a week.

  • Pronunciation

    Pronunciation can be affected by tongue movement restriction caused by the appliance attached on the
                       inner side of the teeth. There are personal differences in affected pronunciation and adapting period.
                       Patients who have to talk a lot, therefore, need to check how their pronunciation would be affected prior to having
                       the orthodontic treatments.

  • Treatment period

    Lingual orthodontic treatment used to took longer than labial orthodontics, but nowadays there is no difference between
                       lingual and labial methods in terms of treatment period.

Lingual orthodontics FAQ

Is it true that lingual orthodontics takes longer than general orthodontic methods?

It was true, but there is no difference between lingual orthodontics and general orthodontic methods in terms of treatment duration and results. However, lingual orthodontic treatment takes shorter in protrusion cases while treatment of snaggleteeth takes 3-4 months more because of difficulty with attaching appliances to the snaggleteeth.

Isn’t lingual orthodontic treatment more uncomfortable than general orthodontic methods?

Both general orthodontic methods and lingual orthodontic treatment are uncomfortable for the first week. Lingual orthodontic treatment is not more uncomfortable than general orthodontic methods. However, some sensitive patients may complain of discomfort in the tongue or the lower jaw.

Does lingual orthodontic treatment affect pronunciation a lot?

It can be somewhat awkward for the adapting period. Especially labial and dental pronunciation such as “D, T, S, J, Ch” can sound awkward, but once get used to the appliances, patients do not have difficulty with conversation. Of course, there is little problem in foreign languages and interviews. Most people do not have serious problems with pronunciation since our tongues are very adaptable.

Is it true that lingual orthodontic treatment is more expensive then general orthodontic methods?

Unlike general methods, lingual orthodontic treatment uses premium orthodontic appliances which are personalized for every single patient with expensive materials and multiple sets of pre-treatment working. So, it is true that the cost is higher than that of general orthodontic methods. The treatment charge is decided after appropriate diagnosis since there are personal differences, but the costs for the appliances and additional processing works are estimated higher than general methods. Also, in-clinic treatment takes twice longer than general methods.

Is lingual orthodontic treatment possible for all cases?

Lingual orthodontic treatment is possible for all cases. Currently adult patients who have intensive social interaction are main customers, but lingual method is recommended to young people who are esthetically sensitive or active in sports to prevent injury and some wind instruments players choose this method.

What is combination orthodontics?

This method uses lingual method for the upper teeth which is more visible and general method for the lower teeth which is generally less visible. Combination method is more economical that lingual appliances for both the lower and upper teeth.


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